Body-measuring suit customizes your online shopping experience

Tokyo-based online fashion retailer ZOZO launched its ZOZOSUIT 2 in October. The body-measuring jumpsuit is the second version of the idea after the retailer’s first iteration failed to capture a market due to poor sizing. 

The first ZOZOSUIT was supposed to allow customers to use a smartphone to scan the suit, upload measurements and then order customized clothes, but patrons complained it was inaccurate.

Now the ZOZOSUIT 2 is skintight and contains 50 times more markers than the original to achieve the high-resolution scans needed for products like sportswear and underwear. 

“There are more than 20,000 measuring markers in the entire part of the latest suit. With that number of markers, there is no part of the body that we cannot measure, it can scan everywhere,” ZOZO chief operating officer Masahiro Ito told the Associated Press. 

Ito said with this new level of accuracy sizing, errors should only occur within a three-millimeter margin.

“I think this is the unprecedented level of accuracy, compared to other body measuring methods that can be conducted at home,” Ito said. “Customers learn their body size first, get [the] accurate size of clothing online and then they feel happy when it arrives and fits perfectly. That’s what online shopping should be.”

The ZOZOSUIT 2 should be available for purchase next year. Meanwhile, ZOZO hopes its suit will also benefit other sectors that could use body-measuring tools. 

“We have received requests from a variety of sectors including healthcare, fitness and games such as [virtual reality]. So, we are considering utilizing the suit in many different industries,” Ito said.

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