Bold woman’s grocery shopping ‘hack’ is the stuff of nightmares

The only thing worse than grocery shopping is the process of getting those groceries home to your kitchen. We’ll take whatever we can get to make the whole experience more tolerable.

TikTok user visionsofmatt shared a video of his wife’s grocery store hack, but unfortunately for us, it seems to be a bit more annoying than it is useful.

The footage shows her transferring all of her recent purchases from a shopping cart to a car, and there’s not a bag in sight — plastic or otherwise.

“My wife throws all the groceries into the trunk unbagged and then deals with it when we get home,” he wrote in the video. “She says it’s faster that way.

Commenters took issue with the hack.

“Eek …. that gives me anxiety looking at it,” one user said.

“You poor man … stay strong my fallen brother,” another wrote.

Others had suggestions that could actually make the process easier, in theory.

“That’s crazy. Why not just bring bags?” one user wondered.

“LAUNDRY BASKETS are the way to go,” another suggested.

And, because this is the internet and there always has to be a contrarian in the mix, a few people defended her.

“Environmentally conscious queen,” one wrote.

“God will reward you for your patience,” another user said.

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