‘I’m a ghost’ TikTok challenge: How to do the ‘Boo! I’m a ghost’ dance

TikTokers might have found the perfect use for the “Out of Body” effect with the “Boo! I’m a ghost” dance. 

The challenge uses the “Out of Body” effect to make the user appear as if their spirit has left their body while they dance. The effect works by freezing your body while creating a second, less opaque version of you that’s still in motion.

Below, learn all about the “Boo! I’m a ghost” TikTok challenge, plus learn how to do it yourself.

Who created the ‘Boo! I’m a ghost’ dance?


Bihhh imma ghost 👻 this mashup go crazyyyy @vmeshbeats 🔥‼️ #kamronagee #mashup #foryou #fyp


The trend was created by Kamron Agee, who scored himself dancing to a Varoon Ramesh remix of the song “BOO!” by Championxiii. When Championxiii says, “B****, I’m a ghost,” Agee cleverly used the “Out of Body” feature to turn himself into a dancing ghost entering and exiting his body. 

How to do the ‘Boo! I’m ghost’ choreography


Reply to @local.mani Here’s a slo mo tutorial for the dance 🕺🏽 #kamronagee #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – 𝓚𝓪𝓶 🦋☄️💕

Due to popular demand, Agee dropped a tutorial on how to create the perfect “Boo! I’m a ghost” TikTok. The choreography definitely isn’t for beginners, so Agee was generous enough to break each step down in slow motion for his followers.

How to use the ‘Out of Body’ effect on TikTok

Using the “Out of Body” effect is notoriously difficult and will take some practice. Luckily, Snap Font simplified the process into five easy steps.

  1. Prep your TikTok camera with the “I’m a ghost” TikTok sound.
  2. Get the “Out of Body” effect ready.
  3. Start recording your video.
  4. Activate the effect by freezing your body in a specific position.
  5. Dance to the music, and when the bass drops or the lyrics sync to your movement, go back to the position you were frozen in so that your ghost “re-enters your body.”

There’s another version of the ‘Boo! I’m a ghost’ dance.

Agee’s “Boo! I’m a ghost” dance has spawned other iterations, including this one created by @gooseyj23 on Dec. 2. She used a “Billie Jean” remix of “BOO!” for hers, which involves more dancing in ghost form than the original.

Some of TikTok’s most popular users have joined in on the fun.

The “Boo! I’m a ghost” dance trend has already taken over TikTok. Major creators like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae and even James Charles have all tried their hand at becoming a dancing ghost.

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