Bored at home? You can take nearly 500 Ivy League courses for free

Staying at home nearly 24/7 can get boring quickly. You’re either rewatching some Netflix show you’ve seen at least 10 times or playing NBA 2K until 5 a.m. every day.

In short, if you’re staying home and doing one of the two aforementioned things, you’re most likely not being productive.

Luckily, one incredibly considerate person has gone out of his way to find free online courses you can take in subjects ranging from humanities to computer science. In January, Dhawal Shah, the founder of Class Central, aggregated a list of nearly 500 classes — 495, to be exact, — that you can take while sitting on your couch. The best part? Those courses are being offered by Ivy League universities. No, we’re not kidding.

Ever wanted to learn how to program? Take “Algorithms, Part 1,” which Princeton University has graciously put up online. Programming not your thing? What about Beethoven … or maybe Mozart? There’s a class for that too — Yale is currently letting sapiosexuals take “Introduction to Classical Music.”

In fact, there are 13 different subject categories that you can pick from if you’re eager to expand your language. The list, along with the number of available courses for each category, are below:

  • Business (112)
  • Humanities (103)
  • Social Sciences (101)
  • Health & Medicine (52)
  • Computer Science (50)
  • Science (40)
  • Education & Teaching (22)
  • Art & Design (21)
  • Data Science (21)
  • Mathematics (20)
  • Engineering (20)
  • Programming (10)
  • Personal Development (9)

So turn off your TV and get to studying (if you want to). The world is — ugh, dare we drop this overused cliché your oyster.

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