Mom documents how her 20-month-old ‘boss’ gets ready for the day: ‘I have no more vacation days left this year’

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video showing how she gets her toddler “boss” ready for a playdate. 

Melissa Metrano (@melissametrano) is a parent who loves sharing funny and adorable videos of her toddler daughter, Izzy, on TikTok. Melissa recently shared a hilarious video in which she pretends Izzy is not only her daughter, but her employer as well! 


This is a story about a girl named lucky…😂!! I love my boss!! Like for Part 10! ❤️#lucky #vlog #momlife #morningroutine

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In the video, she shows how she gets her demanding 20-month-old “boss” ready for her day. 

The video begins with Melissa entering Izzy’s room to wake her up in the morning. “Today I want to show you how my 20-month-old boss—I mean toddler!—gets ready for her playdate,” Melissa explains. “Before getting up, she requested a 2 and a half minute backrub.”

Melissa lightly rubs her daughter’s back, then takes her out of her crib to serve her some yogurt, explaining, “Then it was time to have her perfectly chilled yogurt, which of course she wanted me to hold for her.”

While Izzy, in her pink and purple footie pajamas, might not look like the most demanding boss, Melissa makes it clear that her “requests” are very specific. “She had requested I get her outfit ready the night before, and the outfit needed to be 30 percent yellow,” Melissa jokes. “After she got dressed, I asked her to pick her bow, and she reminded me she wanted pigtails today, so they needed to be 2 of the same color.”

Next, Melissa feeds Izzy breakfast, and introduces her other coworker: her dog, Brady. “Then it was time for breakfast, but her banana was too soft, so she gave it to my coworker Brady,” Melissa narrates, showing Brady eating a piece of banana off the floor.

Finally, Melissa puts on Izzy’s sneakers, and the adorable boss toddler is ready for her day. The video ends as Melissa jokes, “Right before we headed out, she wanted to remind me I have no more vacation days left this year.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler “boss.”

“Never saw so much attitude from a 20-month-old child,” one viewer joked.

“So sweet! You’re a very blessed employee! Hugs and kisses for your boss!” another TikToker wrote. 

Other viewers shared their experiences with their own toddler “bosses.”

“My 20-month-old boss likes to stand in her crib when she wakes and scream for us to come in and get her,” one TikToker commented.

Another TikToker joked, “Oh, I think I know a few of her colleagues! Whoops, gotta go. They just paged me!”

While Izzy isn’t really Melissa’s employer, Melissa’s hilarious video makes one thing very clear: Being a parent is certainly a lot of work!

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