Bottle service waitress reveals how much money she makes in tips during a day

A bottle service waitress is going viral after sharing how much money in tips she can make from a single table.

The insight comes courtesy of a TikTok user named Nina (@ninageruntho), who works at a club in Scottsdale, Ariz. Nina frequently posts about her job, including one recent video that showed just how much she can make from a single check.

Her clip is the latest in a recent surge of viral TikToks from bar and restaurant workers. In another popular post, a Hooters waitress shared how much she makes in tips during a normal day. In another, a Waffle House waitress showed off some of her regular earnings.

Nina’s video, posted on May 14, has nearly 6 million views.

The clip, which Nina calls a “bottle girl vlog,” chronicles a regular day of work at the club. Nina’s shift that day seemingly started at 10 a.m., as the club has a poolside cabana for all-day festivities.

However, the end of Nina’s video is what seemed to draw the most attention. As the day winds down, the TikToker shows two checks — one with an $1,800 tip and another with a $3,000 tip.

It’s unclear how much Nina gets to keep for herself. The bills seemed to come from large parties that also paid for bottle service, so it’s possible the club or other waitresses split some portion of the tip.

Either way, TikTokers were blown away by the earnings.

“I’m in the wrong profession,” one user wrote.

“I’m just mindblown that people have the money to pay 10,000 before the 3,000 tip,” another added.

“I’m sorry did I just go through nursing school….JUST TO SEE I COULD BE DOING THIS,” another joked.

Many also asked Nina how she got the job. So, a few days later, she followed up with a clip explaining how she ended up there.


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