6-year-old’s strategy for easing his brother out of a meltdown leaves social media awestruck

When Ashley L. Michelle’s 4-year-old son Cory started to have a meltdown, his 6-year-old brother Noah came to the rescue.

In a video the mom of 3 shared to Twitter, which had more than 652,000 likes at the time of writing, Noah can be seen helping Cory calm down with some breathing exercises.

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“Breathe,” Noah instructed his brother as he demonstrated how to breathe deeply in, and slowly exhale out. He continued to do the breathing exercises with his little brother until he was totally zen and no longer crying.

According to Michelle, Cory started to have “a little meltdown” when he tried to play his Nintendo and couldn’t because it wasn’t fully charged. Thankfully, Noah knew just what to say to help his brother relax.

“Y’all would’ve LOST it had I recorded from the very beginning,” Michelle said. “My baby was all, ‘I understand the pain I do, but you just have to wait, it’s not done yet.'”

Commenters were impressed — both by Noah’s maturity and delicate demeanor and Ashley’s incredible parenting. Even Chris Evans — aka Captain America — retweeted the video!

“I am a speech language therapist and work with kids. I am amazed how your son is giving your younger son eye contact and body gestures and modeling for him,” one person said. “Whatever you are doing, you are a super mom!”

“You’re a fantastic parent,” another added. “Even when you make a mistake, because everyone does, this grounding work [will] see y’all through.”

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