Boy finds stolen safe, solves 8-year mystery

Knox Brewer of Charleston County, S.C., became interested in magnet fishing after watching a YouTube video while in quarantine — and the newfound hobby ended up giving the 6-year-old a chance at playing real-life detective.

Magnet fishing involves using a powerful magnet to pick up metal objects underwater. It’s a safe and fun activity that Knox’s parents encouraged him to take up.

“Magnet fishing is awesome, even if it’s like so tiny, it’s still awesome,” Knox told WCIV-TV.

“We got it to help pass the time during the virus,” Knox’s mom, Catherine Brewer, said. “He’s learned about which rocks are magnetic and which aren’t.”

During a Mother’s Day outing, Knox found something big and heavy at the bottom of Whitney Lake. With the help of a nearby stranger, the Knox family was able to pull it out from under the mud — and once it was out of the water, they realized it was a metal safe.

Credit: Associated Press

Inside was jewelry, credit cards and a checkbook.

“I knew the right thing to do was go ahead and call the local authorities, get them involved and try to solve this mystery,” Knox’s dad, Jonathan Brewer, said. “It was also a great opportunity to show Knox what we are to do when something like this happens.”

The safe ended up belonging to a woman who lived near the lake who had filed a police report eight years prior after someone broke into her home and stole it.

While the safe was missing a lot of the expensive things the woman had kept in there, it was still a pleasant shock to have what was left returned to her.

“The first thing that she did was just kneel down, hug Knox and thanked him for bringing that closure to her,” Jonathan said. “He himself wants to one day become a police officer and so he got a lot of fun out of them coming out and investigating, asking questions and get to the source.”

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