Boy has emotional reunion with dog who has been missing for over a year: ‘I’m ugly crying’

This emotional video of a boy reuniting with his dog one year after it went missing has people weeping all over TikTok. Pass the tissues!

The special bond between people and dogs is unlike any other. And this touching video from TikTok user and pet brand Paw Must Haves (@pawmusthaves) shows that even one year of separation can’t break the love between a pet and its human.

The clip, which has over 11 million views, begins with the words, “Boy reunited with one year lost dog” displayed over a shot of an adorable pug eagerly waiting in the front seat of a car parked in front of a school. 

Wearing a collar of celebratory bows, the pug suddenly turns its head to peer out the window. 

“Piper! Who’s that? Who’s that?” a voice from behind the camera trills as a young boy approaches the vehicle. 

Upon seeing his dog, the boy stops dead in his tracks and bursts into tears. While he runs to the back of the car to drop off his backpack, the dog’s tail is wagging so fast it looks like it could take flight. Their blissful moment of recognition is palpable. The boy rushes to his long-lost pug, and a tearful homecoming ensues.

The emotional reunion understandably moved viewers. 

“As soon as he noticed the dog, I teared up,” said one user. 

“I’m ugly crying,” one user wrote.

“It’s just the raw honesty of the unconditional love,” remarked another. 

The video also moved others to reflect on their relationships with their pets.

 “I’m crying as if I don’t have my dog sitting next to me. Omg if anything happened to her I’d die!” one viewer remarked. 

More than ever, people are recognizing their pets as family members. Caring for animals is a scientifically proven way to reduce anxiety and stress, and dealing with a lost pet is a traumatic experience filled with uncertainties. Luckily, countless dedicated animal rescue professionals make reunions, like this one, possible.

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