Boyfriend steps out to ‘call his mom,’ but car’s Bluetooth reveals who’s really on the other line: ‘what should I do’

One TikToker is putting her boyfriend on blast for a rookie mistake he recently made that exposed his cheating ways.

In a 10-second clip shared by LA-based TikToker Anna Malygon (@maligoshik), she films her boyfriend standing outside a car she’s sitting in while he takes a call she initially thought was innocent.

“he said he had to call his mom,” reads the text in Malygon’s video.

But as she pans the camera down to the dashboard, we see that her boyfriend’s phone is still connected to the car’s Bluetooth — and as the screen clearly shows, he’s definitely not chatting with his mother.

Instead, the contact name that pops up on the screen reads, “Rachel bj 7/10,” leaving very little to the imagination as to how the two know each other.

“what should I do,” Malygon asked in her video caption before posting it on TikTok for the world to see.

The video has since racked up more than 4.2 million views and brought in an endless amount of comments from people who seem more worked up about the whole thing than she was.

“the way my jaw DROPPED,” one user wrote.

“How are you still sitting in the car,” another person asked. “My crazy would come out so fast.”

Others jumped in with advice on how she should handle the situation in real-time.

“Unmute and join the convo,” one person told her.

“Press ‘Add call,’ and add his actual mum,” someone else suggested.

“if that’s touchscreen press ‘End call,'” another person told her.

Others told her to ditch the cheater right then and there.


Others wondered whether the “7/10” mention had to do with the date he allegedly met “Rachel” or if that had another meaning.

“Is that his rate on her…?” one person asked.

“ask how Rachel can improve to earn a 10,” said another.

That said, quite a few people were skeptical about this story from the start.

“hope it’s scripted,” one person wrote.

To be fair, Malygon never did post an update about what happened or respond to any of the comments that flooded her post, so it’s anyone’s guess whether this one was real or fake.

However, if it was real, we sure hope Malygon confronted her boyfriend ASAP and now counts him among her exes.

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