Cheating boyfriend accidentally exposes himself with subtle clue in Instagram photo: ‘Hiding it in plain slight’

A man accidentally outed himself as a cheater to his girlfriend after showing her a picture of himself with another girl.

On Oct. 26, 22-year-old Heather McGeachan posted a TikTok video explaining how her ex-boyfriend unwittingly exposed himself during dinner one night.

In a story time video, McGeachan said that while they were out to dinner one night, her ex showed her a picture of him and his friends “on a night out” because he thought that the guy in the background of the photo looked “just like him.”

Upon seeing the photo, McGeachan was “confused because the guy in the background [looked] just like him, but the guy [was] kissing another girl.”

That’s when they both realized that it was him.

Um, yikes.

It’s unclear how exactly McGeachan’s ex didn’t realize he was in the background of the photo kissing another girl. Either way, though, TikTokers were just glad that he showed his true colors sooner rather than later.

“Sometimes the trash takes itself out,” one person said. “I’m sorry you had to go through that though.”

“I thought this was an attempt to cover the truth but hiding it in plain sight,” another added.


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In a follow-up video posted on Dec. 3, McGeachan decided to show everyone the infamous photo.

“It wasn’t something that I was going to post, genuinely just out of respect to him, but … he obviously had no respect for me, the picture being an example, so I’m just going to show you,” she said. “It’s just funny now looking back at it.”

“My jaw dropped,” one user said after seeing the photo, which clearly shows McGeachan’s ex kissing another girl.

“Aw babe you’re right he had no respect for you at all,” another added. “You deserve so much more.”

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