Boyfriend creates bookstore at home for sick girlfriend: ‘I’m not okay’

TikToker Lizzy (@bumblebeezus) was supposed to go to the bookstore with her boyfriend, until she got sick – so he made a bookstore display for her at home.


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Lizzy is a TikToker who absolutely loves to read. In a recent video, Lizzy shares that she and her boyfriend had made plans to go to a bookstore together, but she wasn’t able to go because she started feeling under the weather and had to stay home. So her sweet boyfriend brought the bookstore to her! In the video, Lizzy shows off the adorable bookstore display her boyfriend made for her at home to make up for missing their bookstore date. 

“We were supposed to go to the bookstore together until I got a fever,” Lizzy writes in a caption as the video begins. The TikToker stares at the camera with a sad expression on her face. But then, she breaks into an unexpected grin. 

“Today he told me to leave the room and wait,” Lizzy writes in a caption. On screen, the TikToker waits for her boyfriend to let her into the living room. When he’s finally ready, she opens the door and enters. Immediately upon entering the room, Lizzy’s boyfriend hands her a canvas shopping bag. 

“I didn’t know he had my wishlist,” she writes. “But he bought some of the books and created a shop display for me.”

Lizzy walks into the room to find a table set up with several books on display. The books are lined up on the table just as they would be at a real bookstore. Above the table, Lizzy’s boyfriend has posted a homemade sign decorated with butterflies and flowers. It reads, “Libros for when you’re feeling ill, bro.”

Lizzy selects a book and then breaks into tears of happiness.

“I’m not okay,” she writes. “And yes, I might’ve cried, but I do feel better.”

The video ends with Lizzy and her boyfriend reading side by side. 

‘This is so cute’

Viewers were moved by Lizzy’s boyfriend’s sweet gesture. 

“This is so cute,” one viewer wrote. 

“A keeper,” another viewer commented. 

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” wrote another TikToker. 

Lizzy’s boyfriend might have figured out the perfect gift for book lovers: their very own bookstore display!

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