Woman slams ex-boyfriend over his ‘crazy’ financial demand: ‘This is ridiculous on so many levels’

A woman may be responsible for damaging her ex’s car but she is refusing to pay nonetheless. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if she was in the wrong. She dumped her ex Ryan when she discovered he was cheating. After they broke up, Ryan contacted her claiming he was single and still in love with her. Then she saw him kissing another woman. When she confronted him, it led to him crashing his car. 

“I broke up with my ex Ryan because I found him on Tinder talking to other women,” she explained. “I moved out of his house and I’m living in my own apartment. A few days ago Ryan messaged me begging me back. Ryan said he was sorry and that he wants to get back together. I told him I needed space. He asked if I was seeing anybody and I said no. Ryan told me, ‘I’m not seeing anybody either, I’m still so in love with you.’”

But it turned out Ryan wasn’t exactly being honest with the Reddit poster. 

“Yesterday when I was walking back from the grocery store I saw Ryan at a Wendy’s parking lot with another woman,” she said. “At first, I assumed she was a friend until they started kissing. For my own amusement, I stealthily walked up to the car and knocked on his window. Ryan was so shocked he put his car in reverse and hit something. He drove off and later texted me that I needed to pay for the damages. I blocked him. It was a BMW and he’s 52 years old.” 

People thought the poster had no responsibility to pay for the damages.

“I have laughed so much at this. This is ridiculous on so many levels,” someone commented

“His age kills me. I can’t even…” another wrote

“Dude is crazy. Good on you for breaking it off,” a user said

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