Boyfriend proposes with help from Peloton video instructor

Most people know Peloton from its trendy online workout classes. Subscribers use the company’s video tutorials to exercise right from home — and assist with marriage proposals, apparently.

A customer named Paul wanted to ask his girlfriend Sarah to marry him in a special way. But putting on a surprise romantic production isn’t so easy while self-isolating. So Paul got creative and asked for some help from his Peloton instructor Jessica Sims.

“What an amazing idea, Paul! I’ll introduce the first circuit. Then I’ll leave it up to you to pop the question,” Sims says in a text to Paul

Paul secretly recorded the proposal during a workout session with Sarah. In the instructional video, Sims segues into the proposal after doing a few impressive push-ups

“Paul, you ready?” she says pointing to the camera. “Right here, Paul. One knee down. The other one up so you are in a high kneeling position. Paul, I am sending you all the love in the world. Sarah, I hope you say yes, girl.” 

Sarah looks up from a push-up confused. When she realizes what’s happening she literally can’t stop jumping for joy. 

“You’re my best friend. You’re my other half. I’m so, so lucky to have met you and to have you in my life. And the time has finally come. I want to know, will you marry me?” Paul asks as he opens up the ring box. 

Naturally, Sarah says yes. But the romantic gesture isn’t over. Paul wrote out the phrase “Marry Me?” in flower petals and candy. There were also a few loved ones socially distancing outside, awaiting the celebration. 

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