Woman slams boyfriend over ‘rude’ dinnertime demand: ‘A horrendously bad choice of words’

A man is arguing with his girlfriend over leftovers. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for answers. He and his girlfriend live in separate places and he often stays with her. When she invited him over and discovered she would only be serving leftovers, he refused to see her. Now she’s upset. 

“When I was getting off work, she called me and asked me to come over, and I asked her what she had cooked. She said she hadn’t made anything and she was too tired to cook, but she had some leftovers. So I said, ‘Nevermind, don’t worry about it, I’mma just head home,'” he explained.

The girlfriend didn’t like the boyfriend’s visit was conditional on her cooking for her. 

“Then she got mad and said, ‘Oh, so you’ll only come over because I cook for you? You don’t want to spend time with me?’ And I said, ‘I do, but I’m hungry and my place is closer,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I don’t want to waste gas and money driving all the way over there just to eat leftovers.’ Am I right? If I’m going to eat leftovers, I might as well just do it at my place. And I did.”

Reddit users were not fond of the boyfriend’s behavior. 

“He needs to set boundaries like an adult, not get all passive-aggressive and rude about it […] horrendously bad choice of words,” one user wrote

“Is she only worth hanging out with if she has a meal prepared for you?” another said

“She isn’t your maid/personal caterer,” someone commented

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