Genius hack takes the hassle out of putting on a bracelet

Getting a bracelet on may seem like a no-brainer, but too often, it’s a two-person job.

Securing those tiny little clasps while the bracelet slides in and out of place is time-consuming and outright maddening. Sometimes, even just gripping the small clasp can take forever, never mind actually getting it to hook on.

Finally, there’s a solution. This genius hack from In The Know’s Lisa Azcona will help you put your bracelet on all by yourself in no time.

“I know this seems like an incredibly easy task, but it’s honestly hard to do when you don’t have any help,” Lisa says.

All you need for this hack is either a hairpin or a paper clip. If using a paper clip, make sure to bend it open so that it forms an “S” shape.

First, take the hairpin or paper clip and slip it through one of the bracelet loops.

“Hold the paper clip in your palm, wrap the bracelet around your wrist and hook the other end of the bracelet through one of the loops,” Lisa explains.

The paper clip or hairpin should help you to secure the bracelet in place, giving you ample time to hook the clasp.

“Now, wearing your favorite bracelets doesn’t have to be difficult,” she says.

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