Brave dad flawlessly removes wasp nest in ‘stressful’ TikTok video: ‘My anxiety level watching this’

A brave dad has gone viral for his ingenious wasp nest removal, and TikTok is shuddering at the stressful footage!

Dad and TikTok user Nate (@fuzzyn8vel) wracked up over 11 million views and thousands of comments when he uploaded the anxiety-inducing video.

In the video, we see Nate slowly and carefully approaching a wasp nest in the corner of his porch.

With a fishbowl in one hand and a thin sheet of metal in the other, Nate creeps over to the nest — to and from which wasps buzz angrily — careful not to provoke the insects.

Slowly, he encapsulates the wasp nest with the bowl, then slides the metal sheet between the bowl’s lid and the ceiling, severing the nest from the house and flawlessly collecting it and its wasps.

Nate then gently steps down off his ladder and proudly displays his “jar of angry,” as one TikToker dubbed it in the comments.

“Now it’s time for show and tell for my little kids!” Nate wrote in the comments.

‘The stress this video gave me…’

TikTokers swarmed Nate’s comments to express the anxiety his video gave them.

“Burning the house down would’ve worked too,” joked one user.

“I’m not that brave! I have several gathering around my home,” another user shared.

“My anxiety level watching this,” one anxious user commented.

“The stress this video gave me,” another stressed-out user wrote.

“I am TENSE,” cried another user.

While wasps and other stinging insects might be scary, remember that pollinators are very important for the planet and can even be beneficial to our homes.

Wasps, for instance, are important predators of pest insects such as caterpillars, which often make meals of our vegetable gardens.

But if wasps are making a home a little too close to your own, potentially endangering you or your family, be sure to remove them carefully — and preferably without the use of pesticides, which can be harmful to both your family and the planet.

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