Brazilian free climber does intense pull-up only using two fingers

Brazilan free climber Felipe Camargo is muscular from head to toe. The athlete recorded himself training at his local São Paulo climbing gym and it’s quite a doozy to watch.

Now, it’s perfectly logical that a Brazilian Climbing Champion with five Brazilian titles would have a powerful core and grip. This guy free climbs up the sides of cliffs with his bare hands after all! But Camargo really showcased just how tuned up all of his muscles are.

In the Instagram clip, he uses only his middle fingers to do a pull-up. But if that’s not enough of a show-stopper for you, he then hoists his body into a tabletop position, still using only his two fingers. The video received over 84,000 views. 

“I can feel my fingers ripping watching this,” one user wrote. 

“Holy cow. When you give someone the middle finger, it’s that much more powerful,” another said

“I… am at a loss for words,” one person commented. 

Among his accolades, Camargo is also an Ultimate Beastmaster, ascended El Bon Combat three times and in 2016 he mastered the 650-mile track in Pedra Riscanda, one of the Americas’ largest rocky walls.  

However, when he started climbing, training gyms weren’t exactly accessible in Brazil. After his success in the field, the sport became more popular in the country. So in 2019, he launched his own full-scale bouldering gym Fabrica Elsclada. Meanwhile, Camargo still has quite a few climbs left on his bucket list. 

“There are many routes in Spain I want to do, with the lifetime goal to climb Perfecto Mudo,” he told Red Bull. “I also want to go bouldering, too. I want to go to Switzerland to try Off the Wagon I also want to go back to China and climb another great arch.”

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