Panera is giving away ‘Bread Bowl Gloves’ — here’s how to get one

Panera Bread has a new solution for chilly fingers: bread bowl hand warmers.

That’s the premise behind the chain’s newest promotion. Panera recently announced that it’s releasing a limited line of bread bowl-shaped hand warmers.

The winter-weather accessory, which really does look just like the restaurant’s iconic bread bowls, was apparently designed for customers who “carry their unlimited iced coffees in sub-zero temperatures.”

Like so many of the best things in life, the hand warmers cannot be bought. Instead, Panera lovers can enter a sweepstakes to win the limited-edition item.

Those interested can register at Entries are open through Jan. 29, and the lucky winners will get their gloves in the mail.

There are only 450 available, so the lucky new glove owners will have the privilege of knowing they’re part of an elite club — an elite club that gets to walk around looking like their hands are stuffed inside a giant loaf of bread.

Panera, for its part, seems to be having plenty of fun with the giveaway. The chain has spent the last few days joking about the gloves on Twitter.

Other Twitter users have been similarly positive. Many commented on Panera’s tweets expressing their excitement.

“Omg I need this in my life!” one user wrote.

“They are so realistic. Looks good enough to eat,” another added.

It’s unclear exactly how warm the gloves are, but they do seem rather functional. Based on Panera’s photos, it looks like the hand warmers have space for one hand and one iced coffee.

So, at the very least, it’s a fashion statement. For some Panera fans (certainly not this writer, who certainly didn’t enter with three different email addresses), that’s probably enough.

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