Breakdancer Gabe Adams is taking TikTok by storm

Gabe Adams is a breakdancer and social media sensation with over 547,000 TikTok followers. 

The 22-year-old was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Hanhart syndrome, a rare medical condition that resulted in him having no limbs. As a baby, he was adopted by American parents, Janelle and Ron Adams, and he grew up with 13 siblings in Utah. 

Adams joined the dance team in high school where he learned his physique was an advantage in breakdancing. He has continued dancing since and is spreading his passion for movement on TikTok

In one video, Adams danced his “way into 2021” as he twirled in his kitchen. He expertly rode a skateboard in another video captioned “I’m getting real tired of being underestimated.” 

Adams credited his parents with pushing him to be independent from a young age. 

“Some of my proudest moments in my life would be learning how to walk, learning how to get myself dressed, going up and down the stairs, getting into my wheelchair, taking my own notes in school; graduating, taking second in a dance competition and being a motivational speaker. Being able to look back at all those moments and see how far I have come,” Adams told the Metro

While he dealt with bullying in high school, Adams found a supportive community at home, online and as a motivational speaker. 

“I have been able to accomplish so much and I think it is funny when people say, ‘Do you wish you had prosthetics?’ and my answer is always, no, because I have already come so far in my independence without them,” Adams told the Metro. “I like my body the way it is and I am proud of what it is capable of doing.” 

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