Little girl’s pronunciation of ‘breakfast’ has fed-up TikTokers cracking up

Kids really do say the darnedest things. This toddler’s innocent pronunciation of the word “breakfast” might get bleeped out on daytime television

When children are still learning language and developing teeth, they can’t enunciate the way adults do. Sometimes that means they’ll try to say a word but can only get out certain phonetic parts of it. Other times, they’ll say one word and mean another — which makes for some hilarious moments.

TikTok mom Megs shared footage of her daughter one morning. The topic at hand was breakfast — and, well, the little one had thoughts on the matter.

“Me, when faced with any minor convenience,” Megs captioned the video. 

“Breakfast?” the mom asked.

Fuctiss,” the toddler responded

“Breakfast?” the mom said

“No fuctiss. No fuctiss. No fuctiss. No fuctiss!” the little girl replied, looking agitated as she clutched her Elmo stuffed animal. She was in no mood for breakfast at all.  

The mother called her daughter’s commentary “relatable.” And TikTok agreed. The video racked up over 10.1 million views. People couldn’t help but crack their jokes. 

“She has no ‘breakfast’ left to give,” a user joked

“When ‘no breakfast’ becomes ‘no fuctiss.’ Same, little one, absolutely same,” another said

“I can be heard mumbling the same on Monday mornings,” someone commented

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