Woman’s ‘petty’ post-breakup behavior leaves TikTokers stunned

We’ve all gone to great lengths to take harmless-yet-meaningful revenge after a breakup, right? Whether it’s setting fire to everything your ex bought you or flying across the country to destroy a tribute to your love, it’s not an uncommon practice.

Of course, on the extreme end of the pettiness scale lies TikToker Kassie Yeung (@kassieyeung). She traveled 5,953 miles from Los Angeles to Seoul, South Korea, to remove a “love lock” she attached to a popular tourist attraction with her former flame.

“I am one petty MF idc what anyone says,” she wrote in a post in which she shared her journey to revenge across the Pacific Ocean.

In 2019, the then-couple ascended to the top of the Namsan Tower to add a padlock together honoring the bond of their relationship. Yeung returned in the spring of 2021 to remove it out of “pettiness,” she told Insider.

In the clip, Yeung can be seen hopping on an international flight, buying pliers and riding a cable car to the tower. She then searched the locks until she found the one she put up with her ex — and snapped it free with the pliers.

Yeung then turned to the camera with a massive smile on her face. The caption on the video read: “F yeah.”

The video, which has garnered more than 5 million views, also drew thousands of comments.

“I mean the utmost respect when I say this but I fear you,” one user said.

“That is simply QUEEN behavior,” another wrote.

“I wish this was more of a thing, everyone deserves their own spirit quest to get over a breakup and cement it,” a third responded.

Traveling across the ocean to snip a love lock seems a lot more effective than just not giving your ex his sweatshirt back. Take notes, petty queens.

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