Mom uses an unexpected item to get breastfed babies to take a bottle

One mom came up with an unorthodox (but hilarious) method to get breastfeeding babies to bottlefeed, and the internet is obsessed!

Breastfeeding can be physically taxing for some. So when it’s time for your little one to finally embrace the bottle, sooner is better than later. A mother who goes by @shiskaboobs on TikTok vlogs about her life, parenthood and her kids. The mom, who is known for her sense of humor, boasts 212,000 followers. The mom figured out an interesting way to get breastfeeding children comfortable with drinking from a bottle. How? Lingerie!

“Getting breastfed babies to take a bottle is a b****!” the mother wrote in the caption

She took a pair of “chicken cutlet” bra inserts and cut holes into the nipple area. Then she inserted a baby bottle nipple into each of the holes. Next, the mom filled two bottles with milk and attached them to the bottle nipples. The result was a set of breast-like cutlets that also secreted milk. 

She tried the contraption out on her son, who seemed to embrace the cutlet milk dispenser. 

“He’s weaned, just had the idea and figured some mama could use it,” the mother wrote

Her invention received 1.1 million likes on TikTok. People were pretty much stunned by the unusual hack

“OMG, brilliant. I need to try this,” another commented

“There you go. Now men can feed the babies. Moms can get some sleep,” a person joked

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