Mom explains why she can’t ‘sleep in’ when she’s breastfeeding

A postpartum mom showed what breastfeeding is really like — when you’re trying to sleep in. 

TikToker Lynn Peats is a mother of five (as she describes it, “four on Earth, one in heaven”). It’s safe to say the mom knows a thing or two about childrearing at this point. In an honest video, Peats shared why it’s so hard to get some rest when you’re pumping.


Don’t sleep in if you breastfeed/pump 😩✌🏾🥴🥛 had a whole pound on my chest 😂 #morningpump #willowgo

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“This is what happens when you want to sleep in but you have to breastfeed. Now I got to go pump,” she said

Her breasts were plump and full of milk. They were so stretched out it hurt for her to move her arms in a certain direction. She simply had to go pump or be in pain. 

“You can’t sleep in if you’re pumping breast milk,” she added

After Peats pumped, she was able to produce 16 ounces of milk. 

TikTokers shared their experiences with breastfeeding. 

“I used to have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump, I wouldn’t be able to sleep through the pain,” a mom wrote

“I just knowwww that was some good relief!” another said. 

“Our bodies are amazing,” a person commented

“It’s painful but such a blessing to have so much supply,” a user added

“I know that relief from the pressure felt so good,” a TikToker replied

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