Brett Gray channels his secret alter ego during an over-the-top shopping spree

Brett Gray, an actor, and singer is known for playing Jamal Turner on Netflix’s On My Block, took viewers on an epic designer bag journey while on a shopping spree at What Goes Around Comes Around in Los Angeles. 

In the latest episode of In The Know’s Bag Secured, Gray hit up the Beverly Hills boutique to make some upgrades to his designer bag collection, highlighting his favorites from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton

“I’m about to drop a bag, on a bag,” said Gray shortly after entering. And drop a bag he did, shelling out over $8,500 on an eye-catching Louis Vuitton piece. 

The first bag that caught Gray’s eye was a camouflage-inspired Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami Keepall duffle bag. 

Gray loved the eye-popping design of the $15,500 bag, and liked that it could give neutral outfits a pop of color. 

“I have to always have lots of things with me so I’m a big duffle guy,” Gray told In the Know. “But I do like a backpack,” he said, before picking up a sleek Gucci Original GG Supreme Backpack

“Something like this is amazing,” said Gray while admiring the $1,780 bag. According to Gray, the first designer bag he ever bought was a similar Gucci backpack. 

Moving on, Gray noticed a Louis Vuitton Denim Sac a Dos bag, which Gray immediately described as “fire.” Gray is a huge fan of denim, even offering some free tips to viewers on how to rock denim on denim outfits. “I try to keep them within the same wash. I won’t go from like a medium to a dark, but I will go from like a light to a medium,” explained Gray. 

Gray loved the LV denim bag’s bright leather straps, and loved that the $3,450 bag was small enough to hold, but that he could also wear it on his back as a backpack. 

Gray then caught a glimpse of a Gucci Pink Leather Drawstring Backpack, which Gray had “never seen before” in his life. “This is dope,” said Gray, while trying on the $1,725 drawstring bag. Gray thought the drawstrings were perfect for when he was “tired coming home from rehearsal and needed something to hold on to.” 

But at the end of the visit, it was a $7,850 Louis Vuitton Prism Keepall Bandouliere that won Gray’s heart. 

“This is it. This is the one,” said Gray. “Wanna know why? It’s iridescent. When you walk down the block someone has to look at you. I can throw on a white t-shirt and sweatpants and you can’t say anything to me because I have this,” continued Gray. 

As Gray took out his wallet at the cashier, he remarked on the $8,595 purchase he was making. “That’s a down payment on a car,” said Gray. “Lord have mercy.” 

“I just got the bag. I have secured the bag,” said Gray while exiting the store. “The bag is secured.” 

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