Bride questions what’s happening after bridal dress shop stops answering phone

There are lots of last-minute wedding snafus that can send a bride into an absolute tailspin. But one bride-to-be on TikTok is at her wits’ end about an issue involving her wedding dress, now a major headache she wasn’t expecting.

According to Michaela (@michaelamills8), she is “beyond p*****” with the bridal shop she ordered her wedding dress from.

“So yesterday, we were going to come to the dress store to see what the f*** is happening with my dress, and online, it said they were closed,” the bride reports from outside the store. “So, we’re here today because they’re supposed to be open, and we get here, and all the lights are off, the doors are locked, still not answering their phones.”

“What am I supposed to do?” she asks in desperation. “What am I supposed to do? Because they’re not contacting me back.”

A lot of people immediately empathized with Michaela, who claims she paid in full for her wedding dress months ago. In a follow-up video, she said she was even told it would arrive in early March, but that never happened.

“Ohhh no,” wrote one TikToker. “You don’t mess with brides!!”

“I’m so sorry this is happening to you!” added another.

While some people suggested consulting the police, filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or even contacting a local attorney, there were plenty of others who were so mad on Michaela’s behalf that they suggested some not-so-legal reactions.

“break that window and get your dress,” one person suggested.

“Break in so the alarm can go off, sit in your car, and wait for them to show up,” someone else told her.

At the same time, a lot of people wondered if there could be a logical explanation.

“Could have been an emergency in the family or something,” one person wrote. “Try for a few more days.”

However, a disturbing number of other brides admitted that something similar had happened to them — and, in many cases, it didn’t end well.

“This happened to me,” one bride shared. “The store closed and I was waiting for my dress. I had to dispute with the bank, get my money back and find a new dress elsewhere.”

“They are going bankrupt and are having cash issues,” another user surmised. “If u haven’t seen ur dress then they used ur $$$ to buy other dresses. This happened to me.”

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. In a follow-up video, Michaela gave an update that she finally got through to the owner of the store, who apologized profusely.

“She’s guaranteed that my dress has been ordered, it’s coming,” Michaela shared.

The store owner also gave the bride-to-be a date to pick up the dress and try it on.

As a result, Michaela had no choice but to give the woman the benefit of the doubt and cross her fingers while she waited.

“Hopefully, within two weeks, I will have a wedding dress in my hand,” she told her followers.

In other follow-up videos, she elaborated more on what happened, explaining just how many times she tried to get an answer from the store about her dress, only to be given the runaround.

Even in her call with the owner, Michaela says she received nothing but “excuses” for why the communication was so bad but was ultimately promised she’d have the wedding dress on April 22.

For now, Michaela and all her newfound followers are waiting with bated breath to see if that actually happens.

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