Bride faces backlash over ‘crazy’ requirement for wedding attendee: ‘She’s just wildly insecure’

A woman is feuding with her cousin because of an Instagram incident. 

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. A year ago, her cousin’s fiancé followed her on Instagram. The cousin then accused the Reddit poster of trying to steal her fiancé. Now that the cousin’s wedding is approaching, the woman is being asked to apologize for the incident. 

“About a year ago her fiancé followed me on Instagram and I followed him back and this caused a huge scene where she accused me of trying to steal him,” the Reddit poster said. “In the end, I ended up blocking him on Instagram and Facebook. It never really got resolved but it kind of just blew over since I got my own boyfriend and they seemed happy with their lives. I honestly forgot about it until my mom told me they were getting married.”

Her mother told her that her invitation was conditional. 

“I was invited on the condition that I apologized to her and didn’t interact with the groom at all,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I truly and honestly don’t understand where this came from since he followed me. Apparently, it’s because I post ‘scandalous’ photos on my Instagram and when I met him the first time I had been ‘flirty’ with him. My mom doesn’t think I should apologize and I just shouldn’t go but my aunt (cousin’s mom) is mad at both of us now.”

Reddit users thought the cousin was in the wrong.

“Your cousin is insecure and jealous and happy to bring the crazy,” one person said

“She’s just wildly insecure,” another wrote

“I would never apologize,” someone commented

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