Bride faces backlash over ‘ridiculous’ wedding dress alterations: ‘That’s so wrong’

A woman is wondering if she is the bad guy for refusing to let a friend alter her wedding dress.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. When she was getting married she snagged a designer dress for a very cheap price off of Craigslist. Now, her friend is getting married and asked to borrow the dress. The Reddit poster agreed to let the friend use it, but then things took an unexpected turn. 

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“I had a designer dress that I got at a ridiculous discount. I paid slightly less than 10% of the original cost,” she wrote. “Fast forward a bit and a friend asks to borrow the dress. The friend is financially struggling and dealing with health problems. They’re pushing up their wedding to get on their future husband’s federal employee insurance. I tell them of course they can borrow the dress, and I’ll take care of cleaning costs afterward. I only ask that they keep it from being irreparably stained or damaged.” 

But then the friend made a strange request: The bride-to-be wanted to dye the Reddit poster’s dress green. 

“I politely, but firmly, informed her that I agreed to the dress being borrowed, but would not consent to the dress being dyed,” the Reddit poster said. “She messaged me back ‘too late.’ More exchanges happened and I ended up getting the dress back from her a week before her wedding, happy to find out she lied about it being ‘too late.’ She admitted she was hoping that I would just give up and let her do what she wanted with the dress if I thought it was too late to do anything about it. She ended up throwing a fit when I told her she couldn’t dye it and refused to use it unless she could dye it to be her dream wedding dress color. I was cast as the bad guy for taking my dress back from a sick friend and denying her a ‘day to feel beautiful.'”

Reddit users didn’t think the friend had a right to dye the wedding dress green. 

“I say this as someone who dyed their own wedding dress a green color. That’s so wrong,” someone commented

“It’s pretty ridiculous that your friend would try to dye your dress,” another said

“Your dress, your rules,” a user wrote

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