Bride calls out mother-in-law over ‘disrespectful’ wedding dispute: ‘This is unacceptable behavior’

A bride is livid after her future mother-in-law ruined her wedding dress.

The 26-year-old may even postpone the wedding. But first, she went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she was in the right. From the start, the mother-in-law tried to pick out her dress. 

“My future mother-in-law kept annoying me and sending me suggestions for choosing the right wedding dress and said that she knew better,” she explained. “And tried to get me to approve of wedding dresses that she chose and when she couldn’t enforce her decision, she demanded that I take her with me to buy my wedding dress so she could have an opinion. Before I went shopping I called her to ask if she wanted to come but [she] started making excuses about how busy she was with my sister-in-law. I went shopping with my mom and I was able to find a really nice dress although it cost me a little over what I saved up for but it was worth it.” 

She made a few tweaks to the dress so that it fit perfectly. Then she put it in a safe place as not to get damaged. 

“Yesterday, I got back from my mom’s house and found that my fiancé wasn’t home neither was the dress,” she wrote. “I called him immediately knowing that he must’ve taken it to show it to his mom since she continuously asked to see it and refused to have me send her pictures of it on Facebook. I was so mad when it was confirmed that my fiancé took it to show it to his mom.” 

When her beau finally came back, she was horrified to see what had happened to the garment. 

“I ran to get my dress that was buried underneath grocery bags, I took it to check on it and its zipper was broken and the dress itself (fabric) was stretched out,” she continued. “I was like, what the f*** happened to it? My mother-in-law must’ve tried it on because it looked ruined. The straps were almost loose. […] My fiancé told me his mom and sister took turns to try it on. I was absolutely livid. She told me she did nothing wrong and that I was making a big deal out of it.”

The bride demanded a new dress from the mother-in-law who refused. 

“She refused and said that I probably wasn’t happy with my dress choice and wanted her to pay so I could get a new one,” she said. “I yelled at her for trying it on and ruining it [and] that she and my fiancé were responsible for ruining my dress so they should pay for a new one. It’s done, no longer fitting, the straps are in a horrible condition. My mom said she’d pay for fixing it but I just hate it now that someone else wore it before me. I’m mad at both of them and seriously considering postponing the wedding.” 

People on Reddit told the bride that she had been outright disrespected.

“This is unacceptable behavior by both your fiancé and his family members. That is such a violation I cannot even,” one person commented.

“Your fiance took your wedding dress without permission and allowed multiple people to try it on! Do you understand how disrespectful and inappropriate that is?” someone wrote

“This is a preview of your entire marriage. It’s only going to get worse, not better,” another said

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