Bride calls out sister over ‘narcissistic’ pre-wedding plans: ‘[It’s] all about her’

A bride-to-be doesn’t want her twin sister to be her maid of honor but is second-guessing her choice because it may cause drama. 

The bride went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. The user’s twin sister has always been the center of attention and may have taken things too far when she tried to outshine the bride’s engagement announcement.

“Every family get-together is all about her. [My twin sister] is very narcissistic. And never thinks about how her actions or words affect people,” the user explained. “She started dating a guy last year and he proposed to her after only dating for four months. They were supposed to get married in May 2020, but Covid-19 happened. Last week my boyfriend of seven years proposed. I was super excited. I called my family members crying with the news. Not even 48 hours afterward, my sister started sharing pictures of her and her husband in a photoshoot saying, since she is never going to get the wedding she always dreamed of she decided to get these done as a gift for the family. They were hastily done photos done by their friend and not a professional.”

The user was fuming and told her mom she didn’t want her sister to be her maid of honor. 

“My mom is upset because I was asked to be [my sister’s] maid of honor. The way I see it my sister could have just waited and saved money to have her dream wedding,” the user said

Reddit users agreed with the bride. 

“She couldn’t even let you have your proposal,” one person wrote

“Your wedding, your choice,” another said

“It’s your wedding. You get to pick who’s in it,” someone added.

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