Bride disinvites maid of honor from wedding over her ‘terrible’ dress choice: ‘I’m honestly really confused’

A bride uninvited her maid of honor (MOH) for breaking the wedding dress code. 

The bride paid for her bridesmaids’ dresses so that they would all be cohesive. However, what she didn’t know was that the maid of honor went behind her back and bought a completely different dress. The woman shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. 

“I’m getting married to my fiancé come January. It’s not ideal with the current global situation, since I’m very high risk,” the user wrote. “Now, ever since I got sick (the reason why I’m high risk) I’ve always wanted a picturesque wedding. I’m stable, but only looking at another 20 or so years (if Covid-19 doesn’t get me first!). The pictures of this wedding are very important to me, since they’ll last far longer than I will.”

The bride believed the pictures will be a great token for her husband and future children.

“Since I was enforcing a color scheme, I saw it as only fair to pay for my bridesmaids’ dresses,” she explained. “Today my MOH messaged me saying that she’s got the perfect dress for the wedding. Queue confusion. I asked for elaboration and she said that she didn’t like the bridesmaid dress so she went ahead and bought her own. She sent me a picture and it was a tiny white dress that did not fit her well at all. […] I’m not exaggerating when I say it doesn’t fit. It’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, it looks terrible.”

The maid of honor never told her she didn’t like the original dress, which was non-refundable. 

“I tried to compromise with her, seeing if she’d wear something else at least in the same color as the other bridesmaids but she brushed it off,” the bride said. “I then told her that she can wear the agreed upon dress or pay me back for it. She blew up at me, calling me a bridezilla, for being controlling and unsympathetic to a college student. She said that if I’m going to be this obsessive then I’m better off not getting married at all since I’ll drive my fiancé away.”

Reddit users thought the maid of honor was being unreasonable.

“I’m really confused about what she means when she said that you’re being ‘unsympathetic to a college student.’ You literally paid for her dress and only asked her to wear it to your wedding,” one person commented.

“Honestly, it’s so generous of you to pay for all those dresses,” another said

“You’re not a bridezilla,” someone added

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