Bride faces backlash after accusing family of ‘stealing’ her wedding: ‘An entitled, spoiled baby’

A woman is arguing with her future sister-in-law (FSIL) over their respective wedding dates.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain the bizarre conflict of interest. The user’s future sister-in-law refuses to get married within the same year as her. So when the user picked a wedding date in 2022, the sister-in-law-to-be became furious because it was the same year she wanted.

“At Christmas, I ask if they’ve (brother and future sister-in-law) chosen a date yet,” the user wrote. “They tell me no. I let everyone know that we’ve been reaching out to vendors and everyone is booked up for May/June/July so we’re thinking August 2022. No one cares so we continue to plan things out. Last night, we confirmed that everyone would be good with our August date before booking anything and FSIL flipped and said we are stealing her year from her.”

The sister-in-law argued that there was no way their families would go to two weddings in one year. 

“We had no other options because vendors are completely booked. She stormed out and caused a scene. She’s suggesting that we do it in 2023 but I don’t think I should have to move my wedding because someone claimed the year to themselves,” the user said.

However, Reddit users didn’t side with the future sister-in-law on this one. 

“Your future SIL sounds like an entitled, spoiled baby,” one user wrote. 

“You get a wedding day, not a wedding year!” someone said

“You are allowed to have your wedding day whenever you want,” another commented

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