Bride faces backlash after making ‘crazy’ wedding request: ‘Take it or leave it’

A husband and wife aren’t letting their niece hold her wedding ceremony at their castle. 

The husband took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain what happened. Nearly 30 years ago the couple renovated a neglected farmhouse in southern Europe they nicknamed “The Castle.” They use it as a vacation home and allow family members to stay at the house with one condition: no one can use the master bedroom. 

“Recently my niece got engaged and held an engagement party on Zoom at the weekend,” the husband explained. “When asked what ideas they’d had so far she excitedly told me they’d actually been planning to ask us if they could hold the wedding at The Castle. I was a bit taken aback but didn’t want to outright refuse. I joked it would have to be a rather small wedding since they’d struggle to fit more than 25 people in the gardens. She gushed that she’d already thought it through and they’d put up canopies in the field nearby (we don’t own that land) and if all the guests stayed in hotels in the town she would arrange transport.” 

Later on, he pressed his niece for more details. 

“I asked her to clarify the sleeping arrangements and after some back and forth it came to light she plans to use the master bedroom as the bridal suite and for the wedding party to have the remaining rooms. My wife, children and I would have to stay elsewhere,” the user wrote. “I responded and politely refused, saying it’s too small and we aren’t comfortable having anyone in our room. Both she and my sister blew up at me telling me I was ruining her wedding. […] We offered a compromise: no master bedroom and either get permission/insurances to use the fields or reduce the guest count to 25. We even offered to host a small rehearsal too but she rejected the offers. That is when we outright refused.” 

Reddit users felt the niece was out of line.

“That’s crazy. It’s your decision. She can take it or leave it,” someone wrote

“It’s your house. You shouldn’t have to stay anywhere else but your own home,” another said

“She has an overblown sense of entitlement,” a user commented

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