Bride faces backlash over ‘absurd’ reason for banning friend from wedding

A bride-to-be is stirring plenty of controversy for the reason why she banned one of her best friends from attending her wedding.

The contentious wedding saga was originally shared to Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, where the now-uninvited friend shared the story from her perspective. In her post, the 25-year-old explains that she was dropped from the ceremony because she’d had kids out of wedlock.

“My friend uninvited me to her wedding since I have kids out of wedlock. I told her I don’t think we can’t be friends any longer,” the woman titled her post.

The Redditor described the bride as being “like a sister to me,” adding that she’s an “honorary auntie” to the two young children she had outside of marriage. However, all of those positive feelings were seemingly thrown into question when the bride’s “mega-Catholic” future in-laws began to interfere.

‘I’m used to being judged’

According to the post, the bride’s in-laws offered to pay for most of the wedding, which included a traditional Catholic ceremony and a more casual reception afterward. The Redditor said she was extremely excited to support her friend on the big day — until a recent conversation changed everything.

“My friend pulled me aside this past weekend and told me that I wouldn’t be able to go to the ceremony,” she wrote, adding that the bride’s fiancé’s parents “do not want anyone not baptized, no one with kids out of wedlock, no unmarried couples cohabiting, etc.”

The woman added that several people got uninvited due to this requirement, and that her friend offered to let her still come to the reception. That consolation didn’t feel like enough to her, though.

“I was f******* pissed,” she wrote. “I’m used to being judged for being a young mom, unmarried mom, whatever. But not by a person I trusted. The fact that I’m a worthy sacrifice to appease her fanatical future [father-in-law] and [mother-in-law] into liking her made me sick.”

‘Never talk to her again’

Ultimately, the Redditor refused her friend’s compromise, saying that if she couldn’t go to the ceremony she wouldn’t be attending the wedding at all.

“If she is really choosing money for a single day over me, my kids (who she claims to love) and several of her other friends then I don’t even know who she is anymore,” she wrote. “She pretty much begged me to reconsider but I told her I respected myself and my children too much for that.”

Plenty of other Redditors seemed to agree with the woman’s decision. The post has received more than 1,200 comments, with the majority of users agreeing that skipping the wedding is the right call.

“If i were in your shoes id likely never talk to her again, thats an absurd thing to do to someone thats supposedly your best friend,” one user wrote.

“It must be hard to see someone you care a lot about act in such a terrible way,” another added.

Others pointed out that the in-laws’ decision seemed to contradict Christian morals centered on acceptance and forgiveness.

“Remember how the Bible portrayed Jesus as a nice guy who took care of the downtrodden without judging them? Apparently her in-laws must have been busy when that was covered,” one user joked.

“Practicing Catholic here, and definitely in-laws are in the wrong … [the wedding] should be more about the couple and celebrating their love for one another, not excluding others because they’re ‘heathens.’ Pretty ‘un-Catholic’ of them actually lol,” another added.

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