Bride faces backlash over her ‘extreme’ wedding attire request: ‘It’s my day’

A goth bride wanted to know if her dress code was too strange for the wedding.

A user on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum shared screenshots of the bride’s unconventional demand. 

“Does anyone find it in bad taste to have a wedding that asks guests to wear all goth clothing on the invitation?” the bride asked. “Future hubby and I are both big goths (my dress is all black satin with a deep purple train). And we would really appreciate it if guests went along with the theme. Is it too much to ask? They could just hop into a Hot Topic and grab a cute outfit for pretty cheap. Open to all suggestions (except those that say goth is bad haha).” 

When a user commented that she can’t dictate what guests wear because of people’s budgets and willingness to comply, the bride’s reply was succinct.

“But it’s my day,” she wrote

Then another persons chimed in with a suggestion to encourage guests to dress goth rather than making it a requirement.

“Gothic or alternative attire isn’t something I personally view as strange but I know it can be considered quite ‘extreme’ by a lot of people,” the user wrote.

The goth bride’s response was consistent with her previous ones.

“Um, I feel like nobody is considering that for me wearing normal clothes is asking me to wear a costume,” she replied. “I show up to everyone else’s wedding in a costume so now they better show up to mine in one, a goth one.”

Reddit users weren’t too keen on the goth bride’s expectations. 

“Petition to ban the phrase ‘but it’s my day’ from the vocabulary of entitled brides-to-be. Who’s with me?” one user wrote

“This is hot garbage. As a goth woman, I would actually never demand guests to wear anything? Dress your party and that is that. Do not ask guests to dress any specific way. Garbage. Garbage,” another said

“I have a black dress I can wear but I’m never dressing up goth. Ever,” someone added

The user who shared the goth bride’s screenshot’s shared her response to the Reddit commentariat as well. 

“My post has been featured in a Reddit board dedicated to wedding shaming with over 100 comments telling me I am a big fat idiot,” the bride wrote. “Ouch. All I can say is that my goth wedding will carry on in spite of this hatred. In fact — it will be more goth than I had even anticipated bc of how upset and sad I am over all this. I will have a permanent scowl in all my wedding photos because of this and luckily for me that will be on theme. Also to the people that say I’m not ‘goth enough’ — I went as far as to put a live spider in each invitation (the envelopes were bubble wrapped for anyone who is going to claim animal cruelty).”

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