Bride heartbroken over dad’s ‘inappropriate’ wedding day speech: ‘Selfish and unkind’

A bride is horribly disappointed by her father’s wedding speech, even four years later. 

The woman shared the incident on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum. Her father is charismatic and funny so she expected his speech to her to be endearing. But it was not. Instead, the dad reused a poem he had written for the bride’s older sister. Now the woman is wondering if her feelings are petty. 

“I adore my dad, I really do,” the Reddit poster said. “He’s funny and charming and he loves hard. My dad had written a poem for my sister when we were kids. He wrote it when I was 13 because she was homesick having left for school and he wanted to give her some comfort and to let her know she was loved and missed. The poem is beautiful. And it is the poem he read at my wedding instead of giving a speech. He chose to use this poem over writing something about me and whilst everyone, including my sister, lapped it up, I was heartbroken.”

The woman is still reeling from the speech years later. 

“I didn’t think he could hurt me in his speech, he’s never been one for things like that,” she explained. “I was and am still four years later, genuinely hurt that he chose to dedicate his wedding speech for me to her. I have lived in her shadow a long time, she is the prettier, funnier, more popular one. My sister is not at all at fault, she loves this poem and she was my maid of honor and I adore her because she is a wonderful person. I know that there are so many actual horror stories and that my selfish desire for my dad to talk about me, instead of her is petty and lame.” 

Reddit users thought the father was in the wrong.

“Your father was actually stunningly selfish and unkind, by using your wedding to showcase his relationship with your sister rather than your relationship with him,” one person wrote.

“The speech being beautiful simply isn’t relevant here. It was inappropriate,” another said.

“How the hell did he justify reading a poem about your sister at your wedding?” someone said.

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