Bride heartbroken by dad’s ‘selfish’ post-wedding decision: ‘It’s just wrong’

A father spent his daughter’s wedding fund on a new car and vacation but he thinks he is justified.

He asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum after his daughter became upset. After the lockdown, his daughter Diana and her fiancé eloped. The father was relieved that he wouldn’t have to spend his $35,000 savings on the wedding. He didn’t grow up with wealth and has a blue-collar job but managed to pay for his daughter’s college. After the money was freed up, he bought a car for work and used the rest for a vacation.

But Diana was furious when she learned the news. 

“My only child Diana and her now-husband had been engaged just before the pandemic hit,” the dad explained. “Due to everything they decided a couple of weeks ago to just take a trip and elope. I had $35k about set aside for her wedding in an account I’ve had for a long time. After she told me the news I was thrilled to be able to put it to other use. My car has been having some trouble lately so I decided to just treat myself and get a new car in cash with the wedding fund. With the rest of the money, my wife and I decided we would take our own little getaway. I didn’t think this was controversial.”

But then Diana inquired about the money her father didn’t spend on the wedding. 

“Diana was over and asked if since I didn’t have to pay for a big wedding if they could get the money to use towards a down payment,” he wrote. “I told her sorry but that’s how I paid for my new car and will be paying for my upcoming trip. To say she was upset is an understatement. I figured I’d just let her cool off but then last night my ex (her mom) called me too telling me I made a selfish move. I never told her it was a fund for her to use on whatever. I paid for her college and planned on paying for her wedding but beyond that didn’t plan on paying her way through life.” 

Reddit users thought the daughter was being entitled.

“It’s just wrong to assume,” one person commented

“To just assume she could have the money for a house is pretty entitled,” another wrote

“I’m honestly surprised his daughter thought she was still getting the money,” someone said

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