Bride-to-be allegedly faced horrifying hotel mix-up the night before her wedding

The night before a wedding is supposed to be filled with relaxation and pampering, but it was a horrifying ordeal for one bride-to-be.

The future bride and her mom said they walked in on a family getting ready for bed after being assigned the same hotel room as them.

TikTok user @emily.squats and her mom happened to be the accidental intruders. She shared footage of what happened immediately after the mishap.

“When the hotel double books your room and you walk in on strangers in the shower and doing face masks in your room the night before your wedding day,” she claimed in the video.

The video shows @emily.squats’ mom on the phone with the hotel concierge, “on the verge of a mental breakdown,” according to the caption.

“I just walked in on some ladies in their room that you gave me a key to,” the mom claimed in the clip, clearly frustrated.

In a second video from @emily.squats, representatives from both parties became even more heated as they confronted the hotel staff directly. Be warned — the video contains quite a bit of profanity.

“What a s***** experience for her. What a f******* nightmare for me,” one woman explained.

She then went on to advocate on behalf of the bride-to-be and demanded compensation for everyone involved.

“You just put an entire family in my room at 11:30 at night while I had a guest in my shower,” she said. “She’s getting married — how could you do this to someone?”

The vast majority of commenters sided with the bride-to-be and agreed that both parties had been treated badly.

“I worked in hotels for 10 years and this is not OK. She’s not overreacting. She has every right to be upset,” one user said.

“I hope the person who did that was either fired or severely reprimanded because that is absolutely not OK and dangerous,” another wrote.

Though @emily.squats did not reveal what ultimately happened with the hotel rooms, she did say that she invited the woman from the other party to her wedding, though she could not attend.

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