Bride postpones wedding after discovering her fiancé’s ‘cruel’ secret actions: ‘She deserves to know’

A man believes he ruined his twin sister’s shot at love by revealing her fiancé’s bad behavior.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum if he made the right move. The twin sister’s fiancé routinely made fun of the Reddit poster’s body. The fiancé was always sure to do it when she wasn’t around and the Reddit poster tried to tolerate it out of love for his sister.

But during the bachelor party, the bullying came to a head and his sister finally found out about it. 

“I am a very petite dude, 5’6″ and very bony,” he explained. “I’ve kinda been insecure about my build my whole life but nothing serious. My sister was engaged to this buff dude very built and around 6’4. He treats me fine whenever my sister is but when she is not he makes rude comments about my height and weight, my mannerisms, posture, etc. I kinda shut up about it and sucked it up cause I didn’t want my sister to be upset.”

“He was having a huge bachelor party and for whatever reason decided to invite me. I showed up there and he and his three or so friends constantly laughed at me and pointed at me and some other people for the majority of the party.” 

The Reddit poster had the last straw and finally stood up to his sister’s fiancé.

“When I decide to leave, I go up to him to congratulate him like a mature person, only for him to say, ‘don’t worry little guy, once you get out of puberty you’ll find someone.’ I told him to go f*** himself and that I already was seeing a very nice person and it’s none of his business.”

“Later that night while preparing food with my sister I told her about this and every other time he has been doing things like mocking me or body blocking me and she got furious.”

“She called her fiancé screaming and that she’ll need to take some time before the wedding to rethink the relationship before the wedding. Now she is crying and I feel like I ruined her chance at love,” the Reddit poster wrote.

Reddit thought the brother did the right thing

“I’d be pretty surprised if this guy isn’t already taking sneaky digs at sister. For some people, it’s a lot easier to see cruel behavior for what it is when it’s directed at others,” a user said

“She deserves to know who’s treating her family horribly,” another wrote

“You may have just saved her a life of misery,” someone commented

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