Bride plays ‘shoe game’ with sister at wedding to reveal they’re both pregnant: ‘I got goosebumps’

A bride and her sister played the “shoe game” at her wedding reception — and revealed some shocking news to all of the guests!

The “shoe game” is a fun and entertaining game often seen at wedding receptions, typically played by the bride and groom.

However, in this particular version of the “shoe game,” posted by @haleydtrx14, it’s the bride and her sister in the hot seat — and it all leads to a surprising announcement!


@hahaharls My sister and I had so much fun surprising our families!! 🥰🥳🎉 👯‍♀️#wedding #weddingsurprise #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement

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To play the “shoe game,” two chairs are placed back-to-back in the middle of the room. The couple sits, each holding two shoes: one shoe is theirs, and the other shoe is their partner’s.

An MC then calls out fun questions, such as “Who’s the better driver?” or “Who spends a longer amount of time getting ready to go out?”

The couple then raises the shoe of the person they think is the response without seeing their partner’s answer — usually resulting in a ton of laughter from the guests.

But in this unique version of the game, the two contestants ended up revealing something that made onlookers gasp: a double pregnancy announcement!

‘I don’t even know you, and I’m crying…’

With over 10M views, it’s no surprise that the TikTok comment section is flooding with emotions.

“The only acceptable pregnancy announcement at a wedding!” one user wrote.

“Bro I’m sobbing! That was such a great way to announce!!! Congrats!!” another user commented.

“I got goosebumps, such an awesome way to announce this!” wrote another user.

“I don’t even know you, and I’m crying… Congrats!” one user wrote. To this, the bride’s sister, Haley, replied, “Thank yoooou! And don’t feel bad. I cry over stranger’s videos all the time.”

“This is actually adorable. And bless your sister for giving you a special moment on her very special day,” another user commented. Haley replied, “I’m excited we get to go through these pregnancies together.”

“Those babies are going to be the best of friends forever,” commented another user.

“We hope so!!” Haley replied. “Her first and my second are six months apart, and they are so lovey, so these are going to be even closer!!”

The guests are sure to remember the one-wedding-with-two-pregnancy-announcements for the rest of their lives!

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