Bride sparks controversy with ‘awful’ request during wedding planning: ‘I don’t understand people like this’

A woman didn’t donate to her cousin’s wedding fund — and now she wonders if it was a mistake. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum for advice. She and her fiancé have been saving up for their own wedding next year by taking on odd jobs. But then, her cousin got engaged and scheduled the wedding the day before hers. The cousin then went around soliciting family members for $500 wedding donations, but the Reddit poster refused because she had to save up for her own ceremony. 

“My fiancé and I have been working odd jobs along with regular jobs to finance our wedding,” she explained. “Our wedding was set for this year but we moved it to next year because of COVID (we weren’t expecting things to get better and didn’t want the family to buy flights only to have it canceled). My cousin got engaged with her fiancé towards the end of last year and then set their wedding to the day before ours. My cousin then called up all family members including my parents and myself to give her ‘around $500, but more if we can afford it’ to help them finance their wedding. I told her no because my fiancé and I are saving up as much as we can for our wedding next year.” 

But the cousin wasn’t too receptive to the Reddit poster’s excuse. 

“She then sounded angry and said it was fine but has been telling family members about it and saying that we are being stingy especially since our wedding is not this year anymore. My parents did agree to send $500 on their part though, so it’s just my fiancé and I who said no,” the Reddit poster wrote

Reddit users thought the cousin was in the wrong here.

“I don’t understand people like this! They are just leeches trying to get as much as they can,” someone commented

“That is awful! If you can’t afford a wedding, don’t have a wedding,” another said

“I think it’s rude that she’s asking family members to pay $500,” a user wrote

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