Bride-to-be blown away by friend’s ‘demeaning’ comment about her engagement ring: ‘Rich people really surprise me’

A fiancée’s friend doesn’t approve of her expensive engagement ring

The bride-to-be explained the falling out she had with her friend Amy on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Amy is a single mother with financial hurdles. The Reddit poster’s fiancé makes a hefty salary and bought her a pretty pricey engagement ring. Amy didn’t approve of the ring, believing the money should have gone to charity. 

“My fiancé works in the tech industry and makes a very good amount. For our engagement, my fiance ended up picking the most perfect ring for me,” the Reddit poster said. “It was very expensive, however. He refused to tell me the exact price and just said it was upwards of $40,000. We plan on holding an engagement party with our closest friends at a lake house next weekend. Amy and I met at my work and have been close friends for about four years. Amy is a young, single mom and has struggled financially. Throughout the years, I have offered a lot of financial support to her such as paying for her meals and trips, paying for her daughter’s school trips and gifts, purchasing home goods for them, etc.”

But when Amy saw the engagement ring, she couldn’t bite her tongue. 

“She immediately asked me how much he paid for it and I refused to tell her the amount,” the Reddit poster explained. “She said, ‘It looks like it’s at least $50,000… Don’t you think it’s kind of shitty to spend that much on a ring when even a fifth of that money could’ve pulled a family out of poverty?’ I was frankly shocked when she made that comment. She pushed further and said, ‘But seriously though… he could’ve donated half of that to a nice charity and probably saved many lives. Wow, rich people really surprise me sometimes.’ I shot her a text explaining how her comments were upsetting to me and how her words were not only demeaning but disrespectful. As a result, I told her I would no longer feel comfortable with her attending my engagement party.” 

Reddit users thought Amy was out of line

“I would distance myself from her going forward,” a person said.

“Friends don’t do that, they celebrate your happiness,” a user wrote.

“She was incredibly rude,” another commented.

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