Bride-to-be ‘practices’ walking down the aisle on crowded plane: ‘Why is this so cute?’

A bride-to-be got to practice walking down the aisle while midair. 

TikToker @carlydanr shared footage from a flight she was on. The flight attendants told all of the passengers to close their window shades. It turned out it was all a setup for a bride, on her way to her bachelorette party, to get a little practice in before the big day. 

“POV: the flight attendant tells you to close all the window shades and press the call buttons so this could happen…” the video caption read

Everyone one the plane cabin shuttered their windows and turned on their overhead lights to create ambiance. Then a woman with a veil made of potato chip bags and paper napkins, holding a bouquet of tissues and plastic stirrers, walked down the aisle with a smile. 

“It’s her bachelorette party so they had her practice walking down the aisle,” the caption explained

The video racked up 2.7 million views on TikTok. Some people loved the idea of a bride-to-be having her moment. 

“Why is this so cute? I would have sobbed probably,” someone wrote

“When are my plane rides going to be this fun,” another said

“I LIVE for people getting moments like this,” a person commented

But not everyone loved the idea of a moment like this interrupting their flights. 

“Bach parties are really becoming a menace to society,” a user replied

“I’m already annoyed by other people on the plane this would annoy me more,” a TikToker added

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