Bride’s mom ‘ruins’ wedding dress reveal: ‘Still not over this’

A bride called out her mom for ruining her wedding dress reveal in a funny viral video

Artist and TikToker @phaedrap planned a wedding dress reveal with her bridesmaids. But when the big moment came she was completely usurped by her very own mother. It was quite the scandal!

“When you’ve been waiting six months to do a wedding dress reveal for your bridesmaids,” the video text read. “And your mother ruins it.” 

The door slowly opened, revealing glimpses of the bride in her long lacy dress. It was sure to be an unforgettable moment — until the door swung open the rest of the way and the bride’s mom rushed out in front of her daughter. 

“Still not over this,” the bride wrote in the caption with a laughing emoji. 

The hilarious clip racked up 15.7 million views on TikTok. The bride posted the full video (and naturally, her mom didn’t actually ruin the reveal). 

“She wanted to be in the room helping you but she also wanted the reveal experience with everyone else. Mom was trying her best,” a TikToker replied

“This would be my mom,” someone joked

“Photographed a wedding where the mom showed up in her own wedding dress,” another said

“It’s alright, my mum kept saying there was something in my veil the whole ceremony even when saying my vows,” a user commented

“Both parents walked me down the aisle and my mother stepped on my dress and almost tripped me,” a person added

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