Bridesmaid faces backlash after threatening to take bride to court: ‘She went ballistic’

A bridesmaid is stirring up plenty of online controversy after demanding a “refund” for her friend’s canceled wedding.

The bride, writing under the username Skibooper, shared her story in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. Her post explained how a $140 dress spawned a major family crisis.

Skibooper wrote that she canceled her wedding due to the pandemic, a decision all of her friends and family supported. That is, except the one bridesmaid, who is now sending “horrible” messages and “demanding” money for her unused dress.

‘She went ballistic’

The bride noted in her post that instead of delaying her wedding, she simply canceled the ceremony and eloped.

“When we told our wedding party about the cancellation, everyone was supportive,” she wrote.

One bridesmaid took issue with the decision, though. As Skibooper explained, “she went ballistic” at the news that she now couldn’t use her $140 dress.

“[She] had her husband message mine telling him he made a massive mistake, messaged me calling me horrible names and making threats, demanding we pay her cash for her dress,” the bride wrote.

‘I have no idea why she’s acting this way’

The bride’s husband responded to the angry bridesmaid, telling her that their bridal shop was offering refunds. Still, the woman insisted on getting paid by the now-married couple.

“I have no idea why she has reacted this way,” the bride wrote. “Now she’s threatening to take me to civil court over a $140 dress. I refuse to give her the money because I know it can be returned.”

The incident confused and hurt the bride, who called the situation “trashy and gross.”

“I tried to be responsible by not having a large gathering and now I am being harassed and threatened by someone I didn’t know had an issue with me,” she added.

‘It’s not about the dress’

Reddit commenters largely agreed with the bride. Still, many shared theories as to why the bridesmaid could possibly be so angry.

“It’s not about the dress,” one user wrote. “You don’t tell someone they’ve made a mistake in life-partner over a dress. You do it because the fantasy that you might have a shot with your ‘friend’ is maintainable while you’re married and he’s not, but now that he’s married, too, your illusions are blown.”

“She’s worn the dress and can’t return it any more is my guess,” another theorized.

Reasons aside, most commenters agreed the bridesmaid’s demands were unacceptable.

“She has no right to demand more money from you when she can return the dress for a full refund. No court is going to side with her when she chose not to accept a full refund,” one user wrote.

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