‘Type-A’ bride’s super long bridesmaid survey is ‘actually very considerate’

A bride-to-be’s “Type-A bridal party planning survey” has people obsessed. 

TikToker @genebaby will walk down the aisle in 2023. The 27-year-old is also a former event planner, so she has those detail-oriented skills down pat. She shared an extensive survey she provided to her bridesmaids before the wedding — many felt it was a smashing idea. 

“POV: You’re a member of my bridal party who just got the link to my bridal party planning survey asking everything from dress color preference to budget for a bach party,” the video text read

The bride scrolled through a seemingly endless but thorough Google form. The questions appeared to assess how much each bridal party member wanted to spend on the various events throughout the wedding. 

“We are channeling giving our bridal party CHOICES in this process,” she added in the caption

TikTokers loved the idea, and the video snagged 1.3 million views. 

“Did this and it’s made planning to a much easier knowing I’m staying within everyone’s budget,” a person commented

“No bc this is actually very considerate,” another said

“I’ve always said to take the lowest bridesmaid’s budget and work around that! No reason to kill someone financially for one day!” a TikToker added

“I respect you sm for this. When a friend gives me options it makes me actually want to celebrate and spoil them even more,” a user wrote

“This is the BEST thing you can do may seem crazy, but in reality it makes it easy to respect everyone or as many members as possibly,” someone replied

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