Bridesmaids’ ‘joke’ on bride divides TikTok: ‘I would be so mad’

Six bridesmaids broke the dress code at a wedding for a hilarious gag. 

TikTok user Gabby Rojas shared a video of the prank. She and five other bridesmaids wore stunning purple dresses and held white bouquets of flowers, then they put their fingers up to their lips to signal a secret and revealed their shoes. Each bridesmaid was wearing a pair of lavender Crocs.

The bridesmaids then walked over to the bride who was taking photos, and when she saw the Crocs, she looked mortified and flabbergasted. 

“When she (the bride) said no to Crocs,” Rojas’ caption said

The hilarious video received over 7.9 million views on TikTok, but divided viewers.

“I WOULD BE SO MAD,” someone posted.

“If it wasn’t a joke and they didn’t bring any other shoes, I would unfriend them so fast,” another added.

But of course, it was just a prank for a few silly pictures that day. 

“For the ceremony and pictures, we did wear our heels! We only showed up to the location wearing crocs and for six photos,” Rojas clarified in the comments

“I would have busted out laughing, asking for a pair,” one person wrote

“I would want everyone to be as comfortable as they can at my wedding, cuz I’mma be wearing sneakers under my dress,” another commented

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