British couple create stunning garden display out of 3,000 plants and flowers

Tony and Marie Newton have dazzled Britain with their elaborate garden once again. The award-winning couple previously earned the title “Best Garden,” in the nation, but during the quarantine they really outdid themselves. 

The retired couple fit 3,000 plants and flowers — including 450 azaleas, 120 Japanese maples and 15 blue star junipers — into their quarter of an acre plot. Nicknamed the “four seasons garden,” the husband and wife have been tending to it for 38 years. 

Incredible drone footage shows the lush foliage rich with numerous shades of green and burgundy. There is hardly any space that isn’t teeming with plant life. 

“Tony and I usually spend two hours a day in the garden but obviously since the lockdown and the fact we are over 70 means we have even more time to spare,” Marie told Birmingham Mail. “We are sometimes in the garden all day and only come in when it gets dark.”

Marie said they’ve converted their balcony into a temporary greenhouse and put up bird feeding stations during the quarantine. 

“We get everything we need for the garden online. A lot of plants, vegetable seeds and bird food we got online,” she said. 

While the garden is not open to the public year-round it is quite well-known, often featured in unofficial tourist trails in the area.

“We’ve had over 14,000 people from 48 different countries come and visit our garden over the years but this year we might not be able to open which is a shame,” Tony told Birmingham Mail. “We’re already planning what to grow for the next season while enjoying the spring colors on display.”

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