Britney Spears and boyfriend wear face masks on beach date to set good example

Britney Spears and her boyfriend shared a photo of themselves wearing face masks at the beach to protect against coronavirus — even when no one else was around them — to set a good example for their fans, leaving us pretty much no choice but to stan.

The 38-year-old pop icon posted an Instagram slideshow of herself and her boyfriend of three years, 26-year-old personal trainer Sam Asghari, on a beach date in California on June 23.

Credit: Instagram

In all of the images, the couple sports CDC-recommended face masks even though there are no other people in sight, prompting some users to question the explicit need for such protective wear.

“I think your ok without masks at the beach,” wrote one user.

“Them face masks needa come off…” said another. “I mean c’mon.. your at the beach.”

“When theres no one around you don’t need the masks,” replied a third.

In a response to one of the users, Asghari explained that, despite the fact that the couple was adhering to safe social distancing practices and likely did not need to be wearing masks in the moment, they still wore them to take photos in order to spread a positive message about coronavirus prevention to their followers.

“There will be millions of people seeing these photos!” he wrote. “So it’s better to be a good influence.”

Fans immediately spotted Asghari’s reply and lauded him for it on Twitter, with one calling him and Spears “angels on earth” who are “conscious and considerate of their platform and using it for the greater good.”

“The most humble clapback,” wrote one user.

“Such a simple way to use their platform for good! Well done!” said another.

When one man suggested that the pair probably removed their masks after the photos were taken, another Twitter user stepped in to explain why the move was still a socially responsible one, especially for a celebrity couple with such young fans.

“That’s ok,” the user wrote. “The beach was empty so after they are done, they can take them off, knowing people look at her and think ‘Britney wears a mask, so I should too.'”

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