Brittany Broski finally met Harry Styles, and the internet is so happy for her

Brittany “Kombucha Girl” Broski finally met Harry Styles, her celebrity idol. 

Broski is a comedy influencer and singer best known for her meme-able reactions. In 2019, she became a viral sensation when her response to trying kombucha for the first time became the internet’s go-to meme. 

Besides being internet-famous, Broski is also a diehard Styles fan. Before the “As It Was” star’s One Night Only concert in New York, his team slipped into her DMs with an exclusive invite. The kicker was that Broski had no idea she was actually going to meet Styles; she just thought she was heading to a live performance.

Cameras captured the moment she met the entertainer. In footage proved by @hsdaily, Broski opened up a door backstage and was so stunned to see Styles that she literally ran in the other direction. She couldn’t stop laughing and covering her face. 

“Is that Harry?” she said

“Thank you so much for being here,” Styles told her as he hugged her.

Her perfect reaction racked up 1.6 million views on Twitter

Meanwhile, the “aftermath” photos of her shocked and in tears received nearly a quarter of a million likes. 

“In a way, Brittany Broski meeting Harry Styles kind of feels like all of us meeting Harry Styles, no?” @MarissaEstelle said in a tweet

“I’ve watched Brittany Broski meet harry 43 times and counting,” @carlyincontro wrote on Twitter

“Brittany Broski out here having the time of her life, and I’m so happy for her,” @wandaswid0w captioned a tweet

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